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Carbondeck offers advanced features for

  • Carbon Footprint Calculation

  • Detailed Analysis

  • Reporting

Carbondeck Features

Feature Highlights

Providing full-scale carbon management solutions for free.

Completely cost-free scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions accounting with no user or location limits. In-depth and tailored solutions for all businesses.
Carbondeck Solutions
Carbondeck Solutions
Compliance-grade emission reporting for all major environmental regulations and frameworks. Enterprise-level compliance and risk management for free.
Streamlined and in-depth emission management across the entire company. Impactful engagement of all stakeholders with advanced control over teams and data.
Carbondeck Solutions
Carbondeck Solutions
Continuously scaling tailored solutions developed in line with user needs and feedback. Complete incorporation into operations for resilience and agility.

Tailored Solutions for All Business Sizes

  • Startups
  • SMEs
  • Enterprises
Carbondeck Tailored Soluion

Calculate and track your emissions as your business grows. Implement effective net zero strategies from the ground up and build a strong brand for tomorrow.

Carbondeck for Startups

Advanced Solutions for Precise Needs

Carbondeck’s tailored and scalable solutions are developed with great attention to detail and user needs. With a significant emphasis on efficiency, the features on our platform offer unmatched control and precision over your net zero journey.

Carbondeck Advanced Solutions
Carbondeck Advanced Solutions

Diving into Data with Detailed Analysis

A unique source-based methodology for streamlined compliance and precise adherence to international protocols. Ability to track emissions intensity across key metrics like product, employee, revenue, and energy to link net zero efforts to business performance.

Carbondeck Advanced Solutions

with Reduction Plans

Achievable paths to lower emissions with continuous progress tracking and easy alignment with SBTi for Scope 1-2. Simplified target adjustment and meaningful insights from emissions data for actionable reduction strategies.

Carbondeck Advanced Solutions

Zooming in with Facility Grouping and User Role Management

Improved compliance and security with enhanced data security and streamlined oversight. A granular level of control over facilities, user authorizations, groups, and roles across your entire net zero operation.

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Enjoy an exclusive opportunity to try out every new app released on App Deck. Discover the ins and outs of every solution you intend to buy. Swiftly streamline your net zero operations with advanced and efficient tools.

Carbondeck Beta Program

Get Early Access to Carbondeck AI

Enjoy early access to continuous support at every step with Carbondeck’s AI model. Leverage the strategic and data-driven assistance of an AI model specifically trained with net zero know-how and platform navigation knowledge.

Carbondeck Beta Program

Remove the Storage Limits with Carbondeck Cloud

Greatly extend your data management capacities and remove any storage limit with Carbondeck Cloud. Review your progress in detail and increase control over your net zero journey.

Carbondeck Beta Program

Gain Full Access to Carbondeck Emissions Factor Library

Refine and tailor your GHG accounting process with the ability to choose from Carbondeck’s unmatched Emission Factor Library with more than 500,000 emission factors, including DEFRA, IPCC, Ecoinvent, EPA, and more.

Access to Unmatched Net Zero Progress

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What features are included in the free version of Carbondeck?

The free version of Carbondeck offers a comprehensive suite of features, including full Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG calculations, tier-quality analysis, wide range of EF Databases, emission factors customization, detailed analysis with exportable graphic materials, reporting, coupled with a template library designed to meet stakeholder needs, and emission reduction plans in alignment with the SBTi for Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

You'll also have access to role management, location grouping, API integration, and AI-powered insights, all without any time or usage limitations.

What is the beta program, and how can I participate?

The Carbondeck beta program is an opportunity for early adopters to test new features and provide feedback before they are officially launched. The beta phase is planned to run for several months, during which time participants can access exclusive new functionalities and directly influence the development process with their insights.

To join the beta program, you can sign up through our website. We will provide all the necessary details to get started. Your participation helps us refine and improve Carbondeck, ensuring it meets the needs of all users.

How accurate are Carbondeck's GHG calculations?

Carbondeck’s GHG calculations are designed with a high degree of accuracy, utilizing advanced features and methodologies refined through extensive consulting background.

At the core of Carbondeck’s accuracy is the full coverage of all emission scopes. This approach ensures you have a complete and holistic view of your organization’s carbon emissions.

Carbondeck utilizes regularly updated EF database, covering a wide range of activities, industries, and regions to reflect the latest scientific research and industry standards, ensuring that your GHG remains current and accurate.

To further enhance accuracy, Carbondeck offers the ability to customize emission factors to match your specific operations and data. This feature allows you to tailor calculations to local conditions and regulations, providing a more precise reflection of your environmental impact.

With the Tier Quality feature, which categorizes data sources based on their reliability, each input is assigned a confidence rating. These ratings help you understand the accuracy of your calculations.

Our methodologies are developed through more than seven years of consultancy experience in GHG accounting and sustainability, built on industry best practices and aligned with leading standards.

By integrating these advanced features and background, Carbondeck provides rigorous validation and transparency in your calculation processes.

What’s “App Deck”?

App Deck is an app store within Carbondeck that offers customized additional features and tools. These applications can be integrated on top of the core product to provide specialized services tailored to specific industry needs, regulatory requirements, and company objectives.

The platform can be customized through App Deck to meet your specific carbon management requirements based on the size of your company and the needs of your industry.

The App Deck is continuously updated with new applications and features, so that you always have access to the latest tools and technologies for managing your GHG emissions.

Have more questions? Visit Carbondeck Help Center.